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When Knowles Hill was built in 1927 it was state of the art. The doors swung on ball-bearing hinges, a boiler and radiators provided heat, there was an ice machine, an automatic fire door, counter-balanced windows, electricity to every room and hot and cold running water. It was designed for three different types of fuel--wood, oil and natural gas--even though Sonora did not yet have natural gas. It was ahead of its time. Over eighty years later Sonora still does not have natural gas! We're ready when it does. Just imagine--indoor bathrooms for every bedroom, walk-in closets, wall to wall carpeting, oak floors inlaid with mahogany, a button under the table to call the help, and even General Electric Air Conditioning added in 1934! Most of that is still here. We've given in and updated a few things like central air conditioning to every room! But most of it is just the way it was so long ago. We hope you'll like that. There is a give and take to living in an old house. If something here is not quite as fast, convenient, handy, easy, effortless or available as you are used to, please remember--it is old and probably out of warranty! But whatever it is, it is still here functioning after eight decades. And if it does break, unlike most modern gadgets, it can be repaired. Walk around. Look at the details. Enjoy the views from every window and every walkway and every seat in the house. Sit by the fire or in the sunroom and read a book. Swing on the swing.

Things move slow here. So should you. Kick your shoes off and sit awhile.

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