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Fred and Rhonda have been married 20 years. They are absolutely in love with one another. Fred remembers when Rhondas mother was about to deliver her! He has a degree in mechanical engineering but decided to use his talent in the area he enjoyed more than anything else...restoring prewar cars, mostly Rolls-Royce. Occasionally you may see a 70, or 80, or 90, or maybe even a 100-year-old Rolls-Royce drive by. Sometimes theyare beautiful and perfect, and sometimes they look like he just drug them up out of a swamp. Frankly, there is no place Rhonda would rather be than snuggled up beside her best friend riding along Hwy 49 in an antique car--as long as shes driving, of course. She has a degree in Graphic Design and worked many years as Art Director for a prominent firm in Southern California. Rhonda loves to create and design - anything! She is usually found cooking a gourmet meal, designing a room, sewing curtains, working in her organic veggie garden or designing on a computer.

Fred and Rhonda have two boys, Andy (12) and Erick (15). Both children became severely autistic after vaccines. Knowles Hill is a place for them to grow and learn. We would not be here enjoying the quiet beauty of this place if they had not opened our eyes and taught us what is truly important.

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